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Adithyaa Sadashiv

Stillness 2024

Adithyaa's interest towards Art started when he was around 5 years while watching his father draw and paint before him. He is fortunate that his father has preserved all of his childhood drawings (including the scribblings) as a part of his doctorate research on Child Art.


Adithyaa's art journey, which started by implementing heritage found objects in his work some of which included the antique Sewing Machine, heritage houses in Bangalore and many others, gradually shifted to a much more abstract and spiritual concept when he discovered the works of G R Santosh and was captivated by its sheer mysticism. This discovery created an interest in Adithyaa to research on Indian Tantra, Spirituality which eventually led him to work on the series of ‘Shapes & Forms’.


The three basic shapes, ie Square, Triangle and Circle which forms the basis of all the nuances in the environment around us, is what creates an energy when composed in a space. Having been used in traditional Hindu rituals for centuries, these basic shapes have been the source of inspiration in Adithyaa's work. His journey was to understand the relation and reaction between the shapes with one another; while one shape becomes a container by receiving another, the other shape follows the path and becomes the content and vice versa too. These shapes, according to Adithyaa, are two realities in the physical, material world that we live in.

He is not attracted by appealing or vibrant colours, instead subtlety and meditative quality in an artwork pulls him towards it. And the quality of subtlety and transparency can be derived through the traditional Wash Method, which he has been learning from his father. The technique involves several washes of water and colour on the artwork which would result in evocative quality in an artwork. Though this technique was prevalent in the Indian Art scene in early 1900s, at present has become very rare due to the time and patience it deserves.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Adithyaa Sadashiv's work please enquire below.

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