Alice Fox

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Sustainability is at the heart of Alice's art practice. The desire to take an ethical approach has driven a shift within her practice from using conventional art and textile materials into exploring found objects, gathered materials and natural processes. The work that she makes is process led. Alice gathers the materials that are available to her, testing, sampling and exploring them to find possibilities using her textiles-based skill set
and techniques borrowed from soft basketry. She make small sculptural pieces, bringing different materials together to form intimate tactile surfaces and structures. These works are presented in grids and groups.

Establishing her allotment as a source of materials for her work has provided a space where Alice can experiment, exploring the potential of what grows there, planted and wild, as well as other materials found on the plot.


Materials are produced, gathered and processed seasonally and are hard-won: Alice may only have a small batch of each type of usable material each year. As a result, each bundle of dandelion stems, sweetcorn fibre or hand processed flax is enormously precious (to her) by its scarcity and the meaning attached to it through its sourcing and hand-processing.


Alongside the use of materials for 3D making, Alice gathers plant material to make inks, dyes and stains. This is a ‘bricolage’ approach to making: using what is at hand on the plot and exploring the materiality and potential of those materials within the context of her own making skills.

Alice Fox
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Alice Fox Dandelion Weave 4
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