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Alex Walshaw

A silent space between

Alex is an artist maker who works with naturally fallen and reclaimed wood.  Foraging for wood locally and being sensitive to the ecology by not taking too much, as fallen wood provides a rich habitat for many living organisms and also, over, time, rotting back down providing nutrients for the forest soil awaiting new seeds to germinate, thus continuing the cycle.

Whilst living on the isle of Anglesey, North Wales, from 1995 Alex studied green wood working with master craftsman, Hugh Roberts. Spending his years in Wales as a yurt dweller, he lived close to the land becoming attuned to the seasons and engendering a deep love of nature.

After leaving Wales Alex worked with various makers and developed an intuitive way of working.

Using ancient methods with a selection of hand tools, Alex creates objects of a sculptural nature. The act of making is just as important as the finished object - being present in the whole unhurried process - woodcarving becomes a meditative and deeply joyful experience.

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