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Angela Eames


“Drawing for me, might be defined as what if? What if I could see differently? I am on the outside looking in, I can imagine the unseen but within the virtual environment I can see from the inside - out. I can move around, within a virtual space. The virtual camera becomes my eye. I can use the computer to do something, which it can do and I cannot, which I can propose and it can provide, which I cannot see - until I can…”

In three dimensional computing space Angela encounters a place that parallels her drawing studio. Her response to objects and space is equivalent but different. Gravity is missing! Experience and knowledge derived from drawing in the material world informs her thinking and working activity. Decisions regarding what to do and what to do next are governed by her drawing experience. She visually thinks through drawing. She builds fictional places or sites, wherein she is free to exploit the possibilities of making without the consequences of physical probability. Objects can and do collide, connect and coexist in this place disrupting normal spatial awareness as new versions of fictional reality emerge. She focusses on membrane - membrane as mediator between two viewing aspects; in front of and behind, revealed and hidden, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Her works explore the ambivalent nature of our experience of reality. They comment on time past in relation to time present anticipating time future. They reference natural form and order and our accountability as makers and manipulators within the world. They call for attention to the principles of balance reminding us that whilst we embrace new technologies, we should also be mindful of the balance of nature.

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