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Ann Symes - Organic exhibition

Ann is not interested in the complex carving of different blocks that require registration but prefers the creativity to take place at the printing stage. 


Two very large blocks were carved with two simple branching designs.  Ann printed many variations playing with colour, overprinting and turning the block upside down which read as roots growing downwards.  Sometimes she just lets the thin, damp Japanese paper fall onto the block which produces a random print because the paper doesn't touch the block everywhere. This action may be repeated until she gets an interesting abstract effect.

Ann's practice is experimental.  When the prints are dry she plays with different arrangements and combinations before cutting and gluing in place.

The paper bowls and cocoons are made from paper that Ann stained from rusty items found on the beach and she discovered that different papers produced different results.  She enjoys the organic process of taking something, altering it and creating something new from it.  The bowls with the skeletal petals are formed from a fine handmade paper.

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