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Beatrice Felicki (Germany)

Gaze 2021

The Fusion series

Beatrice Felicki is a German artist living and working on the Baltic Sea Island of Rügen. 

Her work focusses on monochromatic black and white drawings on paper. Pastel is her favourite medium with which to work because it creates a wonderful deep, velvety black and allows for a great variety of grey gradations.  

The drawings are created manually that is characterised by masking, applying and removing as well as blurring.  Beatrice feels a oneness with the sea and her need for simplicity and reduction are reflected in her work.  

The "Fusion" series deals with light situations which become apparent when mist rises above the sea on foggy evenings and on days when sea fog hides the sun.

Drawings are created in series with a minimal aesthetic - abstract landscapes and light situations, inspired by the natural world of Beatrice's surrondings.

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