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Carole Bury

Cloth and clay 2024

Carole’s work as a textile artist is concerned with capturing the essence of the landscapes she loves to be in. Embroidery and constructional techniques are used which have a beauty, depth and quietness translating the original drawings into crafted paper textiles.

Rhythmically and repetitively drawing in landscapes and gardens, Carole aims to discover and document the journeys and tracks made through these places, searching out interesting features or geological evidence.

Back in the Studio, repeated elements of this visual dialogue are elongated into new versions using pen, ink and graphite onto long lengths of the lightest papers and finest tissue papers. Monochrome drawings are tightly pleated and compressed and held in place by cotton, linen or silk threads. These paper structures transform the original marks and drawings into new imagery concerning pilgrimages and journeys.

The pleating is made using a hand operated pleating machine. This is a small machine of interlocking brass rollers and uses odd shaped, curved needles. Handles on the side are slowly rotated, feeding the paper though the threaded needles, the paper emerges through the rollers pleated and tightly compressed, and held in place by the threads. The machine is narrow which dictates the width of the work, but the possibilities for joining blocks of pleated lengths are endless.

Carole lives and works in Gloucestershire in a small rural village high up in the Cotswold Hills, working in her studio where she have light and space and which is wonderfully quiet. She have a solid background in drawing from Cheltenham College of Art and Fine Art Embroidery from Manchester Polytechnic. 

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Carole Bury's work please enquire below.

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