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Cathy Griffiths - Gaze, glimpse - 

a look at landscape

The work of Cathy Griffiths is predominantly inspired by the visual and tactile nature of cloth. A feeling for the handmade process of working and the commonplace fabrics she selects allow her use of materials to evoke a quiet and reflective calm.

Griffiths' current work is rooted in a specific but transitional location.  She observes the wear and tear of materials, looking for the point at which original structure breaks down, questioning whether the outcome is destructive, transformative or both.  The use of natural and manipulated processes creates transitions, taking work to the edge of its own collapse both literally and metaphorically.

Key to these ideas is the dual nature of textile. The oppositional elements of cloth continue to fascinate.  It can have fragility or strength, transparency or opacity, lightness or weight. These qualities make it an ideal material with which to examine the mutability of memory and its unravelling.

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