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Cheryl Howeld

Making arrangements

Cheryl went to Hornsey School of Art in the early 1960s but didn't start her professional career in art in earnest until after raising the family. 

In 1988 she opened her own gallery beside her studio at Wandsworth Common, London.  She moved to Wimbledon Village in 2000 until she moved to Sussex in 2006.

Cheryl's work has gone through many phases but the enduring aspect is the use of geometry underlying the realism of the subject.  Pythagoras' golden mean or golden section gives us a way to create different harmonies in composition that work with the subjects of the paintings.  

The geometry is based on the mathematical relationship of musical notes.  As there is a perfect fifth in music, there is a beautiful harmony of the 2:3 relationship geometrically.  The natural lines of the painting's subject flow like a tune between points on the geometrical framework.  With a set of tuning forks, the painting's harmonics can be demonstrated aurally.

Cheryl is always looking to make paintings which have a deeply harmonious effect.

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