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Christina Mosegaard (Denmark)

Gaze 2021

Christina Mosegaard was educated partly at the American Academy of Art, Chicago, USA, and partly at the Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark, Copenhagen.


She worked for many years as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director in Danish and international advertising agencies. 

In 1998 Christina had her first exhibition in Copenhagen.  Since then, her work has been shown in art galleries in Denmark, Sweden, in the UK at The RA Summer show, Allan Stone gallery in New York and Art Basel, Miami Beach.  She is currently represented by four galleries in Denmark. 

Her work is held in private collections in USA, Canada and Europe.

In her art, Christina focuses on three motifs: the human face, the flower (tulips mainly) and draped fabric (see Warp, weft, stitch, thread exhibition). She likes to keep a strong link to the past and the Old Masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, admiring the sincerity, purity and sheer beauty of their expression. The vanitas concept of the Baroque is also central to her work, a concept that she strives to examine and further develop.

The human face is Christina's main motif which she paints from photos found in family albums, newspapers, magazines and on the internet.  The idea of depicting contemporary faces through a century-old painting technique, adding depth and glow with frequent layers of glazing, interests her.

It is a long and slow process.  Her intention is for the finished portrait to have a secretive and timeless quality.  Sometimes she adds precious metals of silver and gold leaf.

From time to time Christina undertakes portrait commissions.

She lives and works in Copenhagen.



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