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Claire Wiltsher

Organic form

Winter 2018/19


Claire has always been interested in painting and followed it through to Degree level as a mature student at Lancashire Polytechnic.  Later, she completed a Masters in Fine Art at Northumbria University while teaching in a college.

Claire works with oils and mixed media based on landscape.  Her intention is to capture a sense of place through depicting an atmosphere using seen and abstract spaces.  Layers or depth and texture using fragments of collage and drawing materials are built up on top of dried oil paint. Light and movement is the focus for the paintings with Turner and Pollock having been big inspirations.  Working from memory, drawings and photos, Claire creates a personal statement of a moment. The New forest and Dorset coast are just two special places for her.  A love of travelling, keeping journals and sketches from around the world, often on solo journeys, provide inspiration for both paintings and the poems she writes which sometimes accompany her work. Music is a catalyst for keeping the energy alive while painting.


Creative Coverage have published Claire's first book that is successfully selling in her local Waterstones as well as on Amazon. The title "Journeys" explores the contrast between Sea and Landscape and compares different techniques and styles.  

Until 2012 Claire was combining college teaching with exhibiting her work.  Exhibiting widely and receiving awards she has been both shortlisted and a winner numerous times.  This year Claire won Artist of the Year sponsored by Artist and Illustrators Magazine - there were over 2000 entries.  Two paintings are hung in The House of Lords permanent collection


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