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Dail Behennah

Gaze 2021

Monochrome 2021



The intention was to draw the viewer in to take a closer look. From a distance the surface is punctuated by tiny lines and shadows cast by tabs which have been folded back. Closer, there appears to be a glow which is created by the gold leaf on the back of each tab reflecting on the white surface of each block.  

The discontinuity down the centre of the panel means that the tabs face in different directions on each half of the work.  


Dail has been making these pleated and plaited, complex paper structures for some time. During lockdown she continued to develop the work and discovered that she could invert a section of a regular weave, creating a discontinuity.

"Timeless" is an exercise in seeing how light falls on a surface. The differences in the sections of the work are subtle but Dail finds them satisfying. 

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