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Diane Griffin


Diane studied ceramics at West Surrey College of Art & Design in Farnham, graduating in 1988.


The inspiration for her work stems from a trip to Jerusalem many years ago. She visited the Wailing Wall and was intrigued by the thousands of wishes and prayers written on paper and crammed between the stones in the wall. She was inspired by the collective focus for so many peoples' hopes and wishes at this ancient site and their interaction with it.


Hand written scripts are incorporated into her vases which are taken from old family letters exchanged by her grandparents during the war in 1944. The scripts are overlaid to allow the viewer just hints of the stories and emotions contained within them.


Diane's Single Scroll Vases are made from white earthenware clay using hand building techniques.  Working with soft slabs allows her to create movement and energy within the work and to make each one different from the last. Three firings are required for each vase with a top glaze temperature of 1160ºC. 

The scripts from her grandparent’s letters are fired into the glaze as well as platinum lustre which is hand painted onto the rims.

Different scripts are used and a change of layout which adds visual interest when the vases are grouped together as well as making each one unique.

Diane’s work has been shown at a range of galleries and selected fairs in the UK and also in America. Her work strikes a balance between a sculptural aesthetic and a practical function.

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