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Effie Gibson

Winter collection

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Initially trained as a painter at the Royal College of Art, Effie has come to ceramics as another way of exploring mark making, colour and texture.  Working with clay gives her a chance to experience the materiality of using a natural substance of the earth to create forms inspired by it; worn and weathered surfaces, lichens, rock formations and the details of wintry landscapes such as light snow blown over gravel.

Effie uses rough and textured clays over which a variety of slips and/or underglazes are applied to the body of the pot.  She uses a simple matt white glaze which is applied lightly so that the colours of the slips come through,  Apart from creating shapes which can be both functional and beautiful, it is the interplay between the different clays, slips and  white glaze that is her own focus of experimentation.

Effie is a ceramic artist working in stoneware. She completed her BA (hons) in Fine Art at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle specialising in Painting.  She then went on to study painting at the Royal College of Art for her MA, leaving in 2000.

Effie combined a painting and teaching career before moving to East Sussex where she started evening classes in ceramics in 2007.  Since then her practice has been predominantly ceramics based, although the motifs and methods predominant in in ceramics remain consistent with the themes she explored in her paintings.

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