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Ele Pack

Contemplation exhibition

"in 2013 I visited a Morandi exhibition at The Esoterick Collection in London.  Being a lesser known gallery I was able to view the paintings in relative peace and quiet and had the most wonderful experience.  I was so moved by these small, intimate paintings that they brought me to tears.

It is this emotional experience I hope to create in my work.

I believe that visual language has a potent power like music and literature.  And it has the power to lift, communicate and transform.

Living on the coast in Brighton has had a definite influence with much of the new work conveying openness and sense of space, depth and water.

An imaginary floating world is created with hidden spaces, things half shown and suggested.  Like Rorschach's inkblots the viewer is invited to find and interpret their own symbols in the ambiguous visual field.  Clouds, reflections, elements of landscape and the coast have all been observed.

Using pattern and mark to create rhythm, I apply a range of materials; paint, pencil, fabric, collage and metallics to build up my paintings in a very organic way.  I overlay layers of paint, mark and collage to build up the pictorial space. This creates glimpses, hidden spaces, things partly seen and suggested.  I use delicate layers of texture, drawing and colour to create an ambiguous space and by working and reworking the canvas the image is "found".  Only when balance and integration is achieved I feel that the painting is finished."

Ele Pack received her degree from Loughborough College of Art.  She now lives and works in Brighton.  Her paintings are exhibited nationally in various UK galleries and overseas in Germany, Sweden and the US.

Her work has also been published as fine art prints by Rosenstiels publishers and The Art Group,

Ele is represented by Josie Eastwood Fine Art, ArtDog, London for international art fairs, Cornwall Contemporary and The Stratford Gallery. She has work in private collections in Canada, USA and Europe.

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