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Emma Christopherson - Linear expresson exhibition


Emma is currently in her final year at Warwick University studying History of Art with a Practical Art module for which she focused on intaglio printing.


In this series of drypoint etchings Emma depicts modern landscapes in a panoramic format to portray the beauty and power of our environment whilst referencing the mark man has made on the land;  roads, paths, gates and telephone poles are integrated and celebrated within the compositions.


The use of an abstract grid is a reference to modernity and the industrialised world which can often be seen as opposite to nature.  She makes the forms of the landscape and the lines of the grid interact to highlight the contrast and to explore the tensions that arise.


Emma has experimented with combining one, two or three panoramic prints either leaving them untouched or in others she has used the sensitive, feathery lines of the printed drypoint in combination with the hand drawn grid structure.

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