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Gill Parry - The space within exhibition


Gill has worked with clay for over 40 years and it is fundamental to her life.


The natural affinity she feels with the materials allows her to create freely, resulting in wonderfully expressive, energetic, strong, organic pieces.


It is evident that Gill has been inspired by natural, organic forms, asymmetry and imperfections as well as aboriginal art.  Gill lives in Brighton, East Sussex, making her main source of inspiration the sea and the found pebbles she collects from the beach.


Each turn of a pot reveals a different abstract "painting",

marks and textures, created as Gill pours layers of liquid glazes, associating as she does so with her sense of the sea - a process that produces light, shade and spaces in between.


Gill's one-off pieces are hand built using a stoneware clay body with grog added to produce a rough texture and extra interest to the glazes.


Her work is exhibited in London, the South, in the Brighton Festivals and "Art in Clay" at Hatfield House.

Organic exhibition

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