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Helen Cass

Organic form - Winter 2018/19

Farm project

Helen's current work uses a variety of processes to document the dissolution of the farm which has been an important presence in her work for twenty years.

There are objects and spaces within agrarian structures and landscape that have been fixed throughout Helen's life that must now change.  Previously she has drawn on the activities and processes, now it is these places, objects and memories that need to be held.

Walking the hedgerows of the land worked for generations, recording spaces that have been adapted and added to but that are no longer fit for purpose, all of this has a rich emotional resonance for Helen.

A need to archive something that is about to change demanded new processes so she has used digital and camera-less photography, as well as printmaking techniques such as dry-point etching and mono-print.  The mono-print technique allows the botanical material collected by walking the hedgerows and verges to leave its trace.

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