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Helen Terry

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Thorn series

Helen's work revolves around mark-making.  She usually works on cloth with dye and stitch and likes to experiment with different methods of generating marks.

She works with cloth because of the way it can be manipulated and changed and holds the traces of what is done to it.  It is not a passive surface and marks go right through, leaving traces on the back as well as the front.  She favours print and dye processes that allow scope for accidental and chance effects.  Currently this includes combinations of silkscreen printing, mono-print, collage and drawing.

Helen's work explores themes of ambiguity, change and in-between spaces and refers to the landscape of marshes, estuaries and shorelines, where land and water engage in a constant process of movement and change.  She has recently completed a two year collaborative project with fellow artist, Sally Tyrie, based at Wicken Fen in which Helen was inspired by views from the hides and reflections in the water.  Both offer a selective and indirect way of viewing the world and result in fragmented images that invite differing interpretations.

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