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Ian Hodgson

A silent space between

Ian's work engages with Identity and place. Emotional architecture. Psychological landscapes. Memory. Visibility. Revelation of the hidden. Liminal space. A moment suspended. An alteration of states.

Working predominantly in graphite, Ian’s drawings extend from the figurative through to the abstract and experimental. His drawing process often leads to revisiting objects, figures and spaces and this reworking of the familiar has allowed Ian’s drawing practice to develop with each new approach, shedding fresh light on his subject matter.

Ian won the Finest Drawing Prize in the UK’s National Open Art Prize in 2013 for his piece ‘Chrysalis’.

After seeing his work the UK art materials company Derwent asked Ian to be a tester for XL Graphite Blocks during their development stage. Ian’s work was then used for advertising and promotion of the product.

In 2018, as part of their San Francisco menswear department redesign, the American store Macys bought a collection of Ian’s drawings to hang in the space. The company have since bought a further collection with plans to reprint the work and roll out to Macys’ stores across the United States for future installation.

Ian began 2019 with an exhibition at the Eric Buterbaugh Gallery on Beverley Boulevard in Los Angeles.

An art graduate with a first class honours degree awarded from the Bradford College of Art in Yorkshire , England, Ian has made his home in Brighton on the south coast of the UK. Here he continues to live, create and exhibit his art in solo and group shows. More of his work can be seen at

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