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Ingrid Press

Previously shown in:

Fibre: structure and surface 2022

Cloth and clay 2024

Ingrid has always been interested in fibre crafts and is intrigued by the processes required to practice them. Her curiosity has led to trying her hand at several and so, in the past, Ingrid has applied herself to sewing, embroidery, bobbin lace-making, quilt making, and basketry. 


Recently Ingrid’s main activity has been tapestry weaving, another of the slow crafts. Within that she is concentrating on the use of more unusual materials turning away from the traditional wool yarn. Threads used are mainly made from paper, commercial but also made by herself from paper strips, plied or just twisted or spun. The resulting texture in the use of these is important to her. 


Her work is usually small scale, the design is simplistic and geometric and sometimes inspired by the traditional patchwork blocks Ingrid knows well from the time she practiced patchwork and quilt making. Colours are kept to a minimum using mainly white, black and grey with only the occasional addition of small colour accents which result in a calm appearance.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Ingrid Press' work please enquire below.

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