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Jan Goodey

Elements: wood metal

Her quiet materials: Claire Benn Art textiles 2021

Warp weft stitch thread 2021

Monochrome 2021

Jan Goodey is a British maker living in Cumbria working across Ceramics, Sculpture and Jewellery.

A curiosity about materials and process are at the heart of Jan's work which is often labour intensive and intricate.  Each piece involves hours of work and is made from a mixture of media ranging from clay, copper, iron, gold, and lead, to paper, steel and/or silver chosen for their contrasting properties and colours.


Inspiration for the work comes from an interest in a variety of fields; the natural world, geology, archaeology, psychology, microscopy, and intimate landscapes amongst others.


Initially trained and working as a goldsmith, Jan combined these skills with teaching at The University of Cumbria (formerly Carlisle School of Art) as Leader of the Foundation Studies Course for many years.  Later, she contributed to the BA and MA in Contemporary Applied Arts. Throughout this time her research practice continued and was exhibited widely.

Colonies series

A series of sculptural pieces loosely based on the unseen and microscopic organisms of life, and of their growth, death, decay and regeneration. These alternative ecosystems are small scale, complex, organised structures which can sometimes be read as visual analogies for the situations or states of mind we experience.


Each object is built from sheets of fine porcelain or earthenware and copper, iron, silver or stainless steel wires and lead. They are tactile, made to be held in the hand for close observation and have intricate moveable parts which respond to vibrations.

Hidden Promises

All promises on show, exuberant and wild.

View 2

Promises well disguised, under control, just a hint.

Hopes and disappointments

A delicate balance - and one that may change. Individual pieces slide through the middle barrier and change the whole situation if the piece is moved.

Black Mood

Dark thoughts, tangible and knotty.

View 2

Dark thought can remain hidden with just a hint of what lies behind them.

Grey Days

Those grey days when it's difficult to focus.

Silent Spring

Anxious Moments. Delicate, trembling movement.

Sparse grass

A struggle to survive.

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