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Jane Ponsford

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Jane is a member of IAPMA, The International Association of Hand Papermakers, and has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She also teaches papermaking courses and workshops in a variety of settings from museums and galleries to schools and in the landscape.  Recently she has run workshops for West Dean College and the British Museum.

Paper can be seen as a traditional material to record the world around us.  It collects marks and traces, catches the light and casts shadows.  It is this responsive and receptive quality which attracts Jane Ponsford to papermaking.  her work is made in response to walking through specific landscapes and in relation to particular places and the materials found there.  She uses mainly cotton and linen pulps to make sculptural installations, objects and book-works.

"I am inspired by material and place.  While papermaking processes are central to my work, the starting point is often based on collections of pigments and materials from specific locations.

Much of the work is based on material gathered from research trips and walks in different parts of England over the last few years.  Walking has become an essential part of my practice and I hope the work shows something of the meditative and calm nature of the experience of walking, collecting and serendipitous discovery that inspired it. The pigments and materials that have fed into this work have come from places as far-flung as the Medway and Kings Wood in Kent and Teesdale in County Durham.

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