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Jane Ponsford


Jane is an artist with an all-consuming interest in paper.  She makes the paper she works with from cotton and linen rag and other fibres and sees it as a universal material, both surface and substance.  While encouraging the irregularities and distortions of form that catch the light and cast shadows she is also interested in paper's ability to capture pigments, inks and traces of other materials.


Much of Jane's work is made in relation to particular places and spaces, collecting and arranging a muted spectrum of chalks, clays and other materials from the landscape.  Walking has become a vital part of her practice and her work reflects the meditative and calm nature of the experience of walking, collecting and serendipitous discovery.  The colours and materials that have inspired much of the work in this exhibition have come mainly from woods and chalk downlands of Surrey during a recent 12 month project.

Jane is a member of IAMPA, The International Association of Hand Papermakers, and she has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She also teaches paper making courses and workshops in a variety of settings from museums and galleries to schools and in the landscape.  Recently she has run workshops for West Dean College, Hole & Corner magazine and as part of Surrey Unearthed.

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