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Jennifer Amon

Linear expression 2022

Blue 2022

Jennifer is a ceramicist working in South Devon. Her studio is situated on the edge of Dartmoor, a quiet space to develop her practise. She makes vessels with a timeless simplicity, inspired by the ancient potters who remained closely attuned to their natural environment.

The vessels are hand-built from black, red or white stoneware clays, using the pinch and coil methods. These ancient techniques produce a different quality to wheel thrown work. Using only a few simple tools, the process is slow and rhythmic. The form of each vessel grows organically, allowing space to think and modify.

Each coil is finely pinched out, before a further is added, in a rhythm that creates a distinct pattern. Simple, wooden tools are used to gradually expand the form from the inside.

Jennifer coats the vessel surface with thin layers of slips and glazes. The texture left by the pinching process is accentuated as the slips and glaze pool into the hollows. The colours are subtle, with occasional flashes of vibrant colour, all to be found within nature’s palette. Pieces may be fired several times, until a particular quality of colour and texture is achieved.

Clay has a memory. Every mark and impression in the soft material is preserved in the finished piece. The intimate making process remains.

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