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Jim MacAirt

Monochrome 2021

The work I make on paper is quite often playful and without prior forethought: they are meditational and free, and they are in contrast to the stricter more considered paintings I make on linen. 

These works were born from my initial paintings of Zen Buddhist  ‘Ensō , which in tradition are usually circular in form. However, after several dozen ensō and many days of practice, the rebel punk in me automatically made a square version. And then later in reflection I realised that these were ‘Zen TVs’; they connected to the square box screen that I had grown up with! 

I imagine these pieces to be condensed and powerful doorways into the beyond, small mirrors that are the antithesis to the intense watching, commenting and engaging, they are simple abstractions devoid of any ‘real’ meaning, images that require no dialogue or theory.

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