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Joseph Ludkin


Elements: earth fire

Joseph works from his studio in South East London making predominantly functional ceramic pieces and pots from stoneware and earthenware clay.  The Craft of making is always at the forefront of what he does: he enjoys the physical connection with clay and the well-being it brings but he also enjoys the scientific and technical pursuit that comes with trying to master materials, techniques and process.

As an art practice Joseph uses ceramics to express a range of personal and social narratives.

As design practice he uses ceramics as a research tool as a method of sociological inquiry.

His work explores issues surrounding personal and cultural identity, the borders and boundaries of authenticity of ownership, concepts of cultural appropriation and globalisation.  He is influenced by a wide range of stimuli including Japanese, Chinese and Korean aesthetics, techniques and philosophies.  Historical and ancient pottery from around the world also has significance as well as contemporary British, European and American studio pottery practice.

Joseph uses a lot of found and donated materials, digging local clays for the clay body mixes and slip decoration and combining them with ash from organic sources such as trees, shrubs and plants to make his glazes.  This "homemade" approach contributes to the narratives within in the work and naturally discusses the relationships between objects, people and places.

He has exhibited in the United States at the International Yunomi invitational in Ohio, London Design Festival, Thrown Contemporary gallery, London, Chelsea Fringe Festival and the Stratford Gallery.

Joseph also works as a Design tutor and lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London and part time Graphic Design and 3D/Ceramics tutor at Shooters Hill College, London.

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