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Judith Alder

Gaze 2021

Judith's practice spans a range of media and processes and is informed by her interest in science and nature, especially processes of growth, change and evolution. In our period of rapid change she is particularly interested in the effects of the collision of nature and technology.


In recent work Judith has adopted geology and the origins of life as a starting point from which to explore transformation and evolution and consider how these processes are influenced by human activities. 


"From Stone to Seed" brings together drawings, printmaking, found and made objects and materials shown together in a collection reminiscent of museum display. Informed by a diverse range of sources from Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to ancient beliefs in animism and the secret life of plants and stones, the collection refers to the complexity of life and “non-life” in an age when scientists can create, modify and maintain life in a way previously unimaginable and inanimate objects often seem to take on a life of their own."



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