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Kat Evans 

Interior space exhibition

Gaze and glimpse - a look at landscape exhibition

Winter collection


Kat Evans' assymetric sculptures speak of the processes making them: pinching, coiling and paddling. Hours of careful and deliberate burnishing create a perfectly smooth canvas for a dramatic, but intentional, raku firing.

Kat collects and receives combustible materials including dry leaves, seed heads, coffee grounds and horse hair.  The white hot sculptures are removed from the raku kiln and immediately brought into contact with this detritus.  At this point control gives way to chance.  Time stops. The still porous surfaces record the smoke patterns.

Work which survives the thermal shock is cleaned and polished.  The resulting sculptures encourage interaction: touching the unglazed surface and viewing the angular shapes from different perspectives.

Kat lives in Leek, Staffordshire and works in Stoke-on-Trent.

Interior space

As part of the Interior space exhibition, Kat is showing a series of small sculptural forms.

The air once held within the form is released by making a small hole as the piece dries.  The generous curves still allude to the pressure of the trapped air.  Unable to see inside, the viewer can only hold the piece and imagine.

Gaze, glimpse - a look at landscape 

Kat Evans gathers organic materials for one-off firing events.  Dry leaves from her local park, used coffee grounds from a supermarket coffee shop, horse hair caught on a barbed wire fence; the cast offs of a landscape in flux or the detritus of modern life are viewed differently when a firing day approaches.  The materials burn away but the smoke leaves a record of their passing for others to enjoy.

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