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Kate Boucher

Contemplation exhibition

Kate's work combines large-scale charcoal drawings, handmade felt and forged metal structures that cross over between two and three dimensions to create immersive representations of landscape.  

Much of her work is concerned with capturing and translating atmospheric emotion such as feelings of loss and security, shelter and solace, combining disparate media to establish a cumulative impact upon the viewer.  The haptic qualities of her chosen materials strive to manifest thoughts and sensations that cannot easily be expressed in words.

Chalk, flint, clay, shore

In this series of drawings, Kate uses representations of the landscape of the South Downs, photographed in transit in its liminal twilight state.  The work explores the state of being "lost in thought", of unnamed yearning felt on these kind of journeys.  The drawings employ deep foregrounds, unnaturally tilted horizons and accidental captures.  The paper bears creases, folds; scars related to the form of the land but referencing the windows and structures looked through to view the moving landscape - the work then exploring how the eye may focus on the looked through or looked at but not both at the same time.

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