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Libby Goddard - Organic exhibition

Libby has drawn and painted for as long as she can remember.  The process is a catalyst for her.  She endeavours to draw a little every day.

In her artwork she is interested in many ways of working but physical challenges have rather dictated which course to take.  As her world has got smaller she has started to notice more and more of the tiny things closer to her and so her miniature world has grown.   She needs to work on a small, manageable scale, drawing ideas from her immediate surroundings and love of nature. Libby uses her imagination and trusts that somewhere in the middle she will make connections and something clicks.

Libby's creative process is fairly diverse incorporating drawing, painting, collage and mixed media.  Her 3D structures intuively bring together both natural and manmade found objects, combined so that they may be perceived in an unexpected way.  She loves the process of creating, often going back and revisiting parts of the work until they feel complete.  

Looking at insignificant things she has found and then on closer inspection seeing the beauty in them, Libby finds very rewarding.

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