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Marek Emczek Olszewski

A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Born in Poland in 1981, Marek has been living and working in London since 2006.  Although he gained a photographic diploma at RACC in Richmond-on-Thames on 2011 he is mainly self- taught, continuously experimenting and discovering new ways of expression.

Marek is attracted to the non-obvious, light and shadow play, movement, reflection, geometry and extreme minimalism.

He is a member of Free Painters and Sculptors collective (founded in 1952 in London), the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF, founded in 1947 in Warsaw) and the Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain (APA UK, founded in 1950's in London.

As a regular exhibitor in galleries and art fairs in the UK and Europe, Marek has achieved recognition and his photographs can also be found in in private collections here, in Europe and USA.  His work is has been featured and bought by some of the world's leading architects and interior designers, including Candy & Candy and a high profile commission for Qatari Headquarters in Mayfair, London.

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