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Mark Beverton

Winter collection

Mark is a designer and maker of very high quality bespoke furniture, based in Sussex.  He works with the finest materials available like hand picked oak, maple, cherry and cedar which are complemented by more exotic woods for their appealing colours and fragrances.

From a young age, Mark spent much of his time in his father's workshop where his education in furniture design and making began. 

Observing and learning as his father made furniture, Mark watched as a tree, cut into planks, was brought into the workshop and a wonderful piece of furniture would leave - to him it was like seeing a magician work his magic.  He began trying to make things himself, learning the basic techniques as he experimented.

As Mark gained experience he was able to make more complex and ambitious projects and is constantly refining his skills. He can work on designs for many hours searching for an ingenious solution to a piece of furniture that not only retains a uniqueness but is also both practical and beautiful.

Like his father, he has an interest in sculpting, engineering and art which is incorporated into his furniture.  Attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship are an important characteristic of Mark's work.  In a throw away society it is a refreshing change to have a piece of furniture that can be cherished and handed on to future generations.

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