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Philip Walker

Previously shown in

Earth materials 2023


Philip designs and makes seating and feature sculptures with form, flow and texture a priority. English Oak is a favourite for outdoor work as it’s durability and presence in the landscape is almost unrivalled. He employs a variety of tools and methods to achieve his work, from chainsaw to gouge and mallet. The texture and contrast arrived at through scorching is a large element of his work, adding atmosphere and soul


A large portion of Philip’s work is inspired by or in response to emotions and challenges we all face as a part of life. His ‘Darkness Within’ series represent the acceptance of dark emotions and feeling of anger or sadness, and are examples of this work.


His work takes opportunity to provide form for the natural beauty and variety of wood to be displayed and appreciated.

Click images for details and if you are interested in any of Philip Walker's work please enquire below.

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