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Praween Piangchompu (Thailand)

Gaze 2021

Woodblock printing has its ancient origins in Eastern Asia used for producing images in book illustration.  


In woodblock printing, it is usual to see evidence of carved lines and stark contrasts - not so in the relief blocks prepared by Praween Piangchoompu.


His work is unique among his contemporaries.  

His is a very slow and contemplative process. He creates his artworks using sandpaper to carefully and slightly remove the surface of the wood.  This is done each time between printing the many subtle layers of different tonal values which gradually result in a simple, visually aesthetic image of atmospheric softness. 

Painstaking sanding, scrubbing and scraping the surface of the wooden block, together with multiple printings to achieve multi-shading in the same colour, requires patience, precision, accuracy and complete concentration.

The serene nature of the artwork symbolises peacefulness of the mind and simple composition is accentuated by the gradual shades of light.  The presence of light references purity of mind. The slow process of the work enables Praween to manage the stress of daily life while seeking equilibrium of the mind.

A video showing the process of making one of the prints will be shown during the exhibition.

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if you are interested in any of Praween Piangchoompu's

work please enquire below.

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