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Robert McPartland

Elements: air water

Space light balance 2021

Monochrome 2021

Robert McPartland scales up small things to create both intimacy and space and strives simultaneously for clarity and mystery.  His touchstones are earlier painters who, directly or otherwise, communicate the unknowability of the world; for example, Domenico Gnoli, Diebenkorn, Morandi and Piero.

Most of Robert's inspiration in recent years has come from areas outside art - Eastern philosophy, music and science.  His passion isn't for the objects he paints; they have endured as subject matter through their visual qualities and contexts.  It's the ever changing relationships they create that interests him.  Cezanne said, "People think how a sugar basin has no physiognomy, no soul.  But it changes every day".

Robert paints the particular to find the universal and, for him, art is poetry and metaphor.  Also, a painting is not just and object but a place, an embodiment; a being with a sense of wholeness that asks the viewer to be present and, as such, can be described as devotional. Form is space, light, process.

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