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Sarah Stafford

Arc, angle, plane, form

From Goldsmith of 18 years to designer of precision laser-cut wall panels, Sarah has transferred and developed her metalworking skills from miniature to large-scale.

A Jewellery and Silversmithing graduate from The Cass, she has based her collections on themes of repetition, geometry and how the tiniest, most insignificant parts can create complex and strong, balanced forms.  Plant cells, microbiology and geometry all play a part in the development and design of her work and her pieces are executed with precision, skill and attention to detail.  Her jewellery collections have been exhibited in galleries in US, Japan and across Europe  She now creates unique, bespoke fine jewellery and is expert in redesigning and remodelling unworn heirlooms.

A commission in 2014 from renowned corporate art curator, Tom Tempest-Radford for P & O's flagship liner, Brittania, saw Sarah's work transformed to an altogether new level and brought her work to the realm of large-scale, decorative architectural metalwork and installations: 22 large artworks now hang in the Peninsular Restaurant aboard ship.

Sarah's prints are generated from vector lines used to create her large-scale wall art-works; each piece begins with single lines and basic geometric shapes and she distorts and develops each print using minute tweaks and subtle colour changes to produce balanced, harmonious imagery.

Sarah utilises the skills of local engineering companies in combination with her own metalworking experiences and craftsmanship to create her new, vibrant collections of decorative panels, room partitions and lighting installations.

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