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Susan Kinley


Through walking, photography and drawing Susan immerses herself in particular places, recording different viewpoints of the wider landscape and close up details.


This series of papercuts are drawn from visits to ancient sites and wild places around the coastal boundaries of Britain. They map the shapes and contours of weathered surfaces, such as the growth patterns of lichens on stones, and changes over time in fragile environments. Open spaces between solid shapes echo boundaries, waterways and networks as fragments are held together before possibly drifting apart.

Floated between two sheets of glass, another layer of shadows are cast as light falls across the surface.

The beauty and particular qualities of Japanese papers have long been an important element in my work, with their balance of strength, fragility and tactile surfaces. The imagery in these works has been printed on to Kozo paper, which can both absorb saturated colour and give crisp and delicate edges when cut. Some works have been cut in one interconnected piece, whilst others have inlaid sections of dyed papers, or are composed of individual fragments.

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