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Susan Laughton


Susan's long standing interest in landscape and architecture has always inspired her drawing and painting. Vernacular buildings, both rural and urban, domestic and functional, have found a place in her paintings for some time, no doubt also informed by time as an architectural technician.

Susan's paintings are a combination of observed and imagined topographical structures.

Inspiration also comes from the distant edges of landscape: horizons of sky, land and sea interacting.  They are created from many visual sources that are filtered through sketchbook work and altered intuitively as the painting progresses.

Susan's paintings and drawings evolve from half- remembered glimpses seen from the corner of her eye, fleeting juxtapositions elusive to photography, the dislocated reverie of long car journeys or from more studied compositions.

The landscape is the starting point, not as a picturesque or static view but as a space travelled through and experienced often on the edges of the urban and the rural.  It is a source of man made and natural structures, surfaces and colour from which Susan's reductive personal responses develop.

Process and materials are important as a way of allowing the paintings to emerge as objects in their own right.  Structured and methodical approaches combined with spontaneous and intuitive reactions allow her to plan and take risks: to combine control with "let's see what happens if..."

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