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Terry Griffin - Linear expression exhibition


In this work terry was interested in spontaneity of mark and the way this can be exploited by the use of different materials.


Ink work

Strange little flicks of ink .....

fine delicate lines dissolving into flowing water -

they seem to hint at insect-like movement.


Clay work

Image 1 - folded crank clay scoops decorated with porcelain slip and copper oxide


Image 2 - Porcelain scoops one with brass, curled wire the other copper wire


Images 3, 4 and 5 - Slab pots made of thin walls of porcelain with copper oxide marks making a dramatic contrast.

Terry is interested in the way the copper eats into the purity of the porcelain.


Images 6 and 7 - Hand built collared pots, decorated with white slip and copper oxide.  The motif on the front is porcelain slip with impressions of clematis twigs.


Images 8, 9, 10 - Hand built slab pots using crank clay and decorated with body stains, slip and copper oxide.  the impressions are made with clematis twigs.


Images 11 and 12 - Hand built from T Material which is a very fine high fired stoneware.  They are decorated with porcelain slip and copper oxide.  The inspiration for these is Terry's tai chi practice.


Image 13 - Tiny scrolls of thin porcelain wrapping twigs of clematis and tied with fine nichrome wire which withstands the high stoneware temperature.  The twigs draw their own curled lines.





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