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Toni Davey

Monochrome 2021

Linear expression 2022

Surface edge shadow 2022

After completing an MA in Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art , Toni continued to work in London as an Artist and visiting college lecturer.

During this time her experience as an architectural model maker profoundly affected her approach to making sculpture in terms of scale and materials and she acknowledges the influences of Agnes Martin and Sol Lewitt.

Toni wants her work to reveal a journey of discovery.  In it, the structure of the grid is always present as it offers the means to retrace ones' footsteps, to understand the journey and to allow forms to follow a rule or sequence of changes.

She never knows what the final outcome will be, but hopes to be thrilled and surprised by the result. She also hopes the work encourages the quiet contemplation of the structure around us, whether natural or manmade.


Lattice 1 and Lattice 2

The paper was cut and scored with nothing  added or taken away, then carefully inked and pushed into three dimensions.

Pleasure Dome and Second Wave

Toni saw Anni Albers' perforated drawings at an exhibition at The Drawing Room in London and then later at her Tate retrospective.  She loved them and was inspired to experiment with this way of working.

Pleasure Dome was made for an exhibition about Coleridge referencing a line from the poem, Kubla Khan.

Second Wave is from a series about the sea: the light on the perforations echoing the light on the sea.

Juncture and Graph were made in an attempt to release complete control and introduce an element of chance.

Sepia 2 is a drawn woven structure.

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