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Wendy Farley


A contour, a curve - the lie of the land

Wendy works in her studio in West Sussex and went to West Surrey College for Art and Design,

Farnham and Goldsmiths College, London.  She was brought up in South Devon.

Wendy's work responds to the visual and sensual elements of nature and in particular this body of work is concerned with the contours of the landscape.

Overlapping, misty layers of fields and hills leading up to the meandering horizon of the South Downs or Devon's deep rolling hills are the inspiration for the undulating, curving rims of her round forms.

Wendy is interested in the spaces created between the rim and the shadows of the interior of the vessel, creating glimpses of further unfolding layers of landscape: contrasts between the interior and exterior.

The vessels are made using a large slab of clay, shaping it against a semi circular mould and adding further coils.  They are scraped back and either burnished and smoke fired or left with a textured surface and treated with slip and underglaze colour before firing in an electric kiln.

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