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Will Nash


Artist and Sculptor Will Nash was born in Bangor, North Wales. 

After studying Multi-Media Fine Art at Middlesex University (1994-1997), he gained an MA in Design by Project from the University of Brighton (2004-2006). Nash has exhibited regularly in both solo and group shows since 2001, and now lives and now works in Lewes, East Sussex.


Geometry has always been a fundamental element of Nash’s work. His sculptures and installations show a concern with form, structure and quantity, and are the result of an ongoing exploration of mathematical construction and the relationships created when shapes and angles are brought together in different ways. Nash explains that he often arrives at these forms unexpectedly, different ‘families’ of work evolving from each variation on the theme. Specific sequences of lines, planes and angles lead him to assign individual character and meaning to these objects. Their form and finish is often directed to tease out the character into identifiable personalities.


“The systematic repetition of reflected, rotated, symmetrical layers of solids and voids to create structure are my attempts to explore, and wonder at the fundamental fabric of matter; or how things are put together”   - Will Nash

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