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Yasuna Iman

Earth materials 2023

It’s often in the forest that my creative process begins. There, I harvest soils, twigs, leaves, stones, and observe their interactions in the studio, where the alchemy takes place.


Impermanence and fragility lie at the core of my practice and the use of materials that inherently carry within themselves these very qualities guides the practice. The tension between lasting and ephemeral, strong and fragile, light and dense is translated into an abstract visual language that employs textures, materials, pigments, and shapes of the earth. Engaging the senses, my work beckons immersion and intimacy, each time uncovering unseen details, emulating those found and hidden in the natural world.

It invites reflection on our own transient nature, a mirror of the life that endlessly grows and dies around us.

Yasuna Iman (b.1995) is a multidisciplinary artist developing an abstract visual language using wild clay, soils, and other raw materials sourced in the natural world.

Born and raised in Paris, France, she graduated with a B.A in Art History and Archeology from la Sorbonne in 2016. Self-taught artist, she currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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