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Ali Stump

Making arrangements and

Winter collection 2018

Ali originally studied Sculpture at the Brera Academy in Milan.  On returning to England she took up Printmaking and has been practicing and exhibition ever since.

Ali's preferred medium is Collagraph as it is such a versatile and experimental form of printmaking and never fails to excite in terms of the contrasting textures that can be achieved.

Often she will draw and scratch straight onto her plate, encouraging the happy accidents that come from spontaneity.  In her "Table" series of prints, Ali preferred to strip and tear away layers rather than build up upon the plate.  Her intention was to reveal an image that had a certain bare, stillness about it.  More recently Ali has begun working in colour and building up multiple subtle layers and printing them on top of her collagraphs using mono-print and block print.

Ali has exhibited at the Mall Galleries and Bankside Gallery, London in selected Printmaking exhibitions, as well as in local galleries.  She regularly participates in South East Open Studios and the Cranbrook Art Show, Kent.

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