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Alison Milner

A silent space between

Find, make 2021

Alison Milner works at the intersection between art, craft and design, having originally studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art.

She is inspired by the geometry of nature and by a simple, minimalist use of materials. The relationship between nature and the manmade is a key theme in her practice. Her aesthetic is clean, clear and quiet - reducing, simplifying and uncovering underlying patterns. She likes to inject gentle humour, visual poetry, narrative and a sense of place into her work.

The collection she is showing in this exhibition is called ‘Nature Table’. It consists of miniature frames and plinths for displaying natural objects - secular shrines for pine cones and quails eggs - giving humble objects a space of their own.

The collection is mostly unglazed porcelain and black stoneware, made using a deliberately limited range of tools and techniques.

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