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Amanda Duggan

Previously shown in

Rhythm and flow 2023


Driven by intuition and discovery Amanda’s primary objective for this ongoing body of work is to create a stillness within her self. Using a refined palette and materials she explores ways to communicate the beauty of a singular element. She believes that observing the relationship between materials is a way of slowing down and allowing each work to emerge as an object in its own right. Analytical approaches combined with intuitive responses at each stage allows for a loose plan but more importantly risk taking, which develops learning. Textural qualities have always been an important element to Amanda’s work. And the current use of antique textiles brings an inherent textural element to respond to as well as an unknown history and weight before she even begins working. Often the relationship of an aged linen hemp against one particular pure pigment is enough to start an exploration for example.


With a quiet mind, Amanda begins work by focusing entirely on the concept of space and the practice of painting. Each mark a response to what came before. She listens, responds, aiming to avoid complexity and keep the painting as pure as possible. Just like conversations, the practice requires a level of concentration, patience and the listening requires stillness. Work aims to be purely monochromatic using pale hues of off-white, cream and buff tones, however these rules are broken, often punctuated with cobalt or indigo blue angles and lines sometimes relating to light or shadow giving a sense of direction. A certain calmness is achieved when creating with pale colours, and Amanda can get lost in the subtle tonal shifts during the process of layering washes as each soaks into the layer before, changing its appearance ever so slightly each time.


Focusing on a reductive practice is about developing an appreciation for space and its benefits. Empty, uninhabited space in our Western culture has negative connotations, implying loss, fear and insecurity. By allowing space to exist Amanda believes we can start to appreciate all that is possible. Potential rather than absence. She wants her work to be approachable, offering an alternative to the complexities of life. In this maximalist world, never before has she felt the need to reduce the level of noise in order to bring balance. It gives the opportunity to be more aware, question beauty and sit with our vulnerabilities… to share a common human experience in a tangible way.

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