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Ann Elliott - Organic exhibition

Ann Elliott is a curator who organises exhibitions and manages a portfolio of visual arts projects. She was a curatorial trainee at Sheffield City Art Galleries, an Exhibition Officer in the Visual Arts Department at The British Council and the first Head of Sculpture at the Cass Foundation when it opened in 1994.

As a latecomer to ceramics, Ann was fortunate in having access to professional advice.

Her hand-built vessels and plates are based on the notion that ceramics should be useful, while providing the opportunity to experiment with form, material and surface.

Publications include:  Sculpture at Canary Wharf : A Decade of Exhibitions (The Canary Wharf Group plc, 2011, a record of Ann's curatorial work on the sculpture exhibitions programme; 

The Art of Prior's Court School (The Dame Stephanie Shirley Collection, Bohun Gallery, 2002);  

Bleep: The Eric and Jean Cass Collection 2003; Tom Bendhem: Collector 2004, for the Contemporary Art Society; and

Kenneth Armitage Sculptor, a centenary Celebration (editor and contributor), Sansom & Company, 2016. 

A Trustee of the Gabo Trust for Sculpture Conservation since 1999, Ann has been its Chair since 2012 and served on the Fabric Committee of Portsmouth Cathedral (2006-16).  

Ann is a member of Crossrail's Round Table for their Public Art Programme.

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