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Ann Symes

Arc, angle, plane, form

Ann is a materials led artist who experiments with chosen materials or a specific technique to see where it takes her.

Paint is not usually her preferred medium.  In fact, Ann has avoided it, but having made a body of work in 2017/18 which included charcoal drawings, printmaking and sculpture and entitled "Unfolding", her work naturally progressed into using paint, working in the same geometric style.  

Using flat acrylic gouache on wooden panels, creating paintings with hard edges without planning or intention, sanding back to create textured areas which result in architectural compositions, suits Ann and satisfies her love of design and balance and the graphic designer in her.  She is pleased to have discovered a way to paint in an non-painterly style which feels natural.  Very often her work is black and white so exploring colour has provided another challenge.  

Having moved from a wooded environment to one of man-made structures in a town, it does not surprise Ann that she has subconsciously absorbed architectural lines, slopes, angles and planes and without deliberation these has been naturally expressed.








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