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Ann Symes

Elements: wood metal

Throughout 2020 Ann has been working with the wood grain on birch panels for the four exhibitions at Gallery57 that have been expressing different Elemental themes.

However, for "Elements: wood metal" Ann chose not to focus on the grain itself but allowed the wood panels to present and support the metal element.  Still focussing on simplicity and limiting the materials used, Ann applied different surfaces to the wood panels to achieve contrasting textures, experimenting with alternative arrangements and combinations before attaching the metal pieces by stitching through the wood with wire or securing with steel pins. 


The idea of using previously made etched aluminium plates (which just happened to be the exact sizes for the panels and painted shapes she'd created), occurred to Ann part way through and she thought why not use the plates themselves as part of the artwork instead of the prints.  They added more texture and surface interest. Sometimes she likes to bring old work into new and present it in a different way to create a continuity. 

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